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About AUM School

Today in USA, there is lack of educational institutions providing integrated curriculum that incorporates universal Vedic values & environment along with K-5 education as part of daily learning experience.

Aum schools will provide the extraordinary environment and excellent education standards to ensure optimal performance and progress for each student. Aum students will get a chance to chant Vedic Mantras, Sanskrit verses and devotional and inspirational Bhajans in the school. Yoga lessons will also be part of the curriculum. We believe that combining the secular education with imparting our Vedic values, culture, and heritage will help prepare the students to face the challenges of today’s world.


Vision of AUM Education Society of America is to become a world class educational institution in early education catering to the needs of families who want to provide character and Vedic value based education in addition to quality academic excellence to their children.


  • Our mission is to serve local communities by establishing schools that provide educational opportunity to all children to develop in a holistic manner
  • Develop a curriculum/methodology that integrates universal Vedic values along with pre K-5 education.
  • Assist families to raise spiritually rooted, academically and physically strong, culturally well rounded, mentally sound, socially responsible global citizens of tomorrow.

Our Philosophy

Universal Values

To embrace the universal values that are central to dharmic philosophy are woven into the daily learning experience and prepare students who demonstrate,  articulate universal values like respect, integrity,  character, compassion and academic excellence.

Experienced Leadership

In our early childhood program, with the help of experienced leadership team, teachers and support staff we aim to install the love for lifelong learning to all children and produce knowledge seekers and future leaders who can contribute to the global society

Our Core Values


promoting a school community that appreciates and respects all beings and cultures.


strive for excellence in everything we think, say and do including academics.


conducting ourselves with honesty and responsibility


attribute that make up and distinguish the individual, mental and ethical traits making a person. Character


the proem by which positive personality traits are developed, encouraged and reinforced through example and practice


creating and maintaining meaningful relationships among students, families, teachers, staff, and community partners


supporting a learning environment that continuously motivates all individuals to excel.

AUM School Locations

San Antonio

Bay Area

Simi Valley

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