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What is Aum school?

A non profit education institution providing an integrated curriculum for K-5 students imparting Vedic values as part of their daily learning experience. We have a school successfully running in San Antonio Tx and we are in the process to start Aum branches in the Bay Area and Seattle.

How virtual classes will be conducted?

We will be using Google Classroom and Zoom

How do I get information about virtual classes?

You will receive an email with all details upon registration.

Who are the teachers?

We have qualified and certified Yoga/Samskritam/Vedic math teachers who will be taking up Zoom sessions with support of admins to host the online Zoom call

How will teachers communicate with parents/students?

Teachers will communicate with the parents via group wise WA groups/emails as needed.

What preparations are needed for my child to attend online classes?

  • A calm place for your child with a table & child friendly chair
  • Ipad/Laptop set up for him/her to login to online sessions
  • Headphones ready in case your child needs it during any of the sessions
  • Book/paper and pencils for your child to take notes
  • Water bottle for your child so that he/she does not have to leave her study place in the middle of any session
  • It helps younger kids if they have a good night’s sleep/nap prior to sessions so that they are awake and active during the session
  • Children should not be hungry during the session. They should have eaten breakfast/evening meal within 30 - 45 mins of the AM and PM sessions

As a parent do I need to sit with my child during class?

For pre-school group (age 3 -5yrs) and grade 1 - we recommend a parent to be present in the same room

Is the camp fee for the whole 8 weeks?

Yes, it covers Mon - Friday of all 8 weeks

Can I do weekly payment instead?

It is an entire package and what we intend to impart needs full 8 weeks sessions for kids to learn and assimilate and if they miss class, especially subjects like vedic ganit or samskritam, they will find it hard to catch up

Are you going to share class recordings if my child misses any class?

No. We need permission from every parent to record the session and since it is online and kids are involved,we cannot share recordings without explicit permission from all parents in the camp. We cannot promise, but teachers can follow up with the kid/parents if they miss 1 or 2 sessions to provide info to catch up.

Can I get a refund if my child doesn't want to continue?

Refund Policy: Parents can request refund for any reason within the 1st week of the program. No refund is offered after June 19, 2020 / 5PM EST.

What is the language of instruction??

English will be the language of instruction for all classes, except Samskritam class where we have trained teachers who will use Simple Samskritam and tried and trusted delivery method to communicate with children in simple samskritam. Please be assured that our teachers have experience communicating with non Samskrit speaking kids with Samskritam and you will be surprised how kids pick up basics of spoken Sanskritam in a short time.

What is a make-up session?

Due to late school closure, if your child misses 1st week sessions, Aum teachers will provide catch-up class for missed days at no extra cost. Catch-up sessions will be on June 20 & 21 covering Vedic Ganit/Samskritam and other critical subjects. You will receive further details of class delivery upon registration. Beyond the 1st week, we will not extend catch-up session benefits. For any questions please email us at info@aum.school

Is registration fee refundable?

Registration fee is non-refundable. If participant has used early bird discount and has not paid $51 registration fee, it will be deducted from the discounted camp fee. The total refund will be = ($ received - (Service fee + registration fee))

How much is service fee?

Pre-School-Kinder: $20.00 / Grade 1-8: $50.00

Can I pick and choose Morning/Evening sessions or some weeks?

Summer Camp syllabus is based on a theme. We suggest every student attends all the sessions to get complete benefit of all the sessions. E.g. 8 week of Yoga will teach them not only many physical asana but also all the benefits and background/origin/intension of those asana etc. Therefore, one cannot pick or choose the sessions. And we will assure that we are working very hard to bring the best possible and memorable summer camp to our children.

Do I get sibling discount?

Yes, we offer flat 10% discount on total fee. This discount will be refunded after 1st week of camp is completed.

Virtual Summer Camp-I Refund Policy

Parent can request refund for any reason within the 1st week of the program. No refund is offered after June 19, 2020 / 5PM EST. Registration fee is non-refundable.
Refund for Pre-School/Kinder: $20 service fee and $51 registration fee (if early bird discount was applied).
Refund for Grade-1 to Grade-2 Sessions: Service fee of $50 and $51 registration fee (if early bird discount was applied)

Virtual Summer Camp-II Refund Policy

Parent can request refund for any reason till July 15, 2020 / 5PM EST. After that date no refund. Cancellation before camp start service fee will be deducted
Cancellation between July 13 - July 15th - Refund = (Total Fee paid - Registration - Service Fee)
Service Fee $20 - PreK-K
Service Fee $50 - Grade1-8
Registration Fee $50

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