Building Character with Academic Excellence

Who are we?

Aum Education Society of America, a non-profit organization, fills the need for Dharmic values in early childhood and elementary education by designing a curriculum integrated with mainstream subjects. We are a group of lifelong volunteers working in
Hindu-American community organizations who want to provide families a school where children learn Dharmic values
along with academic excellence. We envision our students becoming tomorrow’s leaders, 
serving our community, our country, and all of humanity with these Dharmic values.

Why Aum School?

Although the Hindu-American community has developed numerous institutions over the past decades, an absence of educational institutions still persists. Aum Education Society incorporates Dharmic values along with early childhood and elementary education as part of a daily learning experience.

Core Values

Aum Education Society’s goal is to prepare students who demonstrate and articulate these dharmic values along with
academic excellence.


Respect towards all living beings and mother nature


Harmony in thought, speech, and action


Service towards Society


Creating confident individuals (leaders) rooted in dharma


Nurture meaningful relationships among students, families, teachers, staff, and community.

Our In-Person Schools