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Dr. Srinivas Khedam

Srinivas Khedam is an Assistant Principal and Asian Indian Coordinator in the Northshore School District. He has been an educator for the past 35 years, teaching in India, New Zealand, and in the USA for the past 20 years. He has a Master's Degree in English Literature, Education, Educational Administration, and doctorate in Educational Leadership. He is a member of the WASP Equity Committee and the World Language Advisory Committee.   He has been a guest speaker in schools, colleges, and Universities, and has also been leading and serving non-profit organizations such as VT Seva, JET Seattle, and Sri Parakala Mutt. Srinivas also serves the greater Seattle area as a Hindu priest, promoting the values and practices of Sanatana Dharma through religious programs, lectures, discussions and QA sessions. 

Harini Srinivasan

Harini Srinivasan has a Master’s in Microbiology with advanced certification in bioinformatics and healthcare informatics. She is also a certified yoga therapist. She currently teaches at yoga studios for group and private clients. She has been an active volunteer for Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh for past 9 years. She has been teaching yoga for the past 8 years from 3-70 years old. Originally from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, she currently resides with her family in San Antonio, Texas.

Dr. Sneha Sharma

Dr. Sneha Sharma is an English teacher and adjunct professor. She supports curriculum development, assessment planning, teacher collaboration, and professional development in her school district. She has an EdD in Organizational Leadership as well as a Master’s degree in education. Dr. Sharma lives in Corona, California.

Sharada (Shruti) Jahagirdar

Shruti comes from a musical family in Karnataka. She has been an All India Radio (AIR) artist. She has finished her Bachelor of Arts and has a 8+ Yrs experience of teaching kids. She loves to volunteer in Elementary schools. She is on the Board of Directors of KALAKENDRA, a Performing Arts Organization in Portland OR. Shruti conducts Hindustani classical music classes. Apart from performing in many Utsavs and Fundraisers, she is heavily engaged in social work through various socio-cultural organizations, literary arts and performing arts organizations. Shruti loves to decorate the house, tell stories to kids in her off time and really enjoys teaching kids music/bhajans/shlokas.

Varsha Chauhan

Varsha Chauhan holds a Gold Medal for her Master's degree in Science from the University of Delhi as well as a Bachelor's degree in Education. She has had experience as an educator in Delhi Public School in India and has been a core curriculum developer for Dharma and Heritage at Aum School. Her insight into the mind of a child as a teacher at DPS and Hindi Pathshala as well as a Bala Pramukh in Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh has allowed her to create a curriculum that facilitates the holistic growth of the students, she enjoys spending time with her family, undertaking new hobbies, and taking part in outdoor activities.

Ambika Natarajan

Ambika Natarajan originally from Tamil Nadu,  has a Bachelor’s degree in Home Science from Chennai, India. She is now retired after working in the medical field as a referral coordinator, currently residing in Richmond, Tx.  A firm believer in educating children with a solid moral foundation, she had been an administrator and  volunteer teacher in Bal Vikas program  in the Hindu Temple of San Antonio for many years and volunteered at Aum School San Antonio.

Savita P. Kulkarni

Savita has an engineering degree and has taught in the diploma and degree colleges in Maharashtra, Bharat. Here in the Bay Area, she has been working in the field of education for almost 12 years and she has recently applied for the preschool supervisor permit. Her involvement in the classroom has enriched and diversified her experience in working with children, families, teachers, and staff. She has assisted and taught children preschool through 8th grade in the public and private schools. She has managed various summer camps serving as a teacher and a coordinator. Savita has tutored elementary and middle school students in the subjects of mathematics and language. Savita is passionate about empowering children to own the potential and intelligence they already have while challenging them with the goal of getting them to view themselves as lifetime learners. She values authenticity and believes in reflection and its ability to make us slow down and really think about thinking. Savita sees herself as a facilitator alongside the children as they venture out on the journey of learning and discovery. When Savita is not working  she is singing, cooking, and reading, but her heart is most happy when she is surrounded by friends and family.

Manasi Palkar

Manasi Palkar holds masters of Arts in political Science and Bachelors of Education in Marathi and Hindi. Manasi worked as a primary and middle school teacher in Bharat for 11 years. She also Worked as professor in junior college for 2 yrs. Manasi worked as a consultant Translator and lecturer for small businesses in Maharashtra. In the USA, she spent 6 years developing Marathi curriculum from level 1- 6 with worksheets. She also developed a summer workbook for all 5 years. She completed the child development course and worked in Synergy school as non teaching staff for 1.5+ yrs.

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