Virtual Summer Camp

6 Virtual Summer Camps of 2 weeks each. We will cover: Creative Story Writing, Arts, Hindu Calendar, Sanskrit through Stories, Songs & Literature, Yoga, Bhajan, Shlokas and Viranganas of Bharat.
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Fee for Virtual Summer Camp (Jun to Aug 2022)
Grade Sibling* Any 1 Camp Any 2 Camps Any 3 Camps Any 4 Camps Any 5 Camps All 6 Camps
Preschool, PreK & Kinder No Sibling Disc. $65 $124 $176 $221 $260 $293
Preschool, PreK & Kinder With Sibling Disc. $59 $111 $158 $199 $234 $263
Grade 1 to 7 No Sibling Disc. $130 $247 $351 $442 $520 $585
Grade 1 to 7 With Sibling Disc. $117 $222 $316 $398 $468 $527
* Siblings must be from same family and must register to any grade/class to get 10% Camp Dates: Camp-1 06/06 – 06/17; Camp-2 06/20 – 07/01; Camp-3 07/05 – 07/15; Camp-4 07/18 – 07/29; Camp-5 08/01 – 08/12; Camp-6 08/15 – 08/26;

Class timings

Grade Class Eastern Central Mountain* Pacific
Preschool, PreK & Kinder 1 10:30am-12:00pm 09:30am-11:00am 08:30am-10:00am 07:30am-09:00am
Preschool, PreK & Kinder 2 12:30pm-02:00pm 11:30am-01:00pm 10:30am-12:00pm 09:30am-11:00am
Grade 1 to 7 1 10:30am-12:00pm and 03:00pm-04:30pm 09:30am-11:00am and 02:00pm-03:30pm 08:30am-10:00am and 01:00pm-02:30pm 07:30am-09:00am and 12:00pm-01:30pm
Grade 1 to 7 2 12:30pm-02:00pm and 05:00pm-06:30pm 11:30am-01:00pm and 04:00pm-05:30pm 10:30am-12:00pm and 03:00pm-04:30pm 09:30am-11:00am and 02:00pm-03:30pm
* Arizona should follow Pacific times during the Daylight Saving period.

Summer Camp Syllabus

For Grade 1 to 7
Camp Morning Session 1 (30 mins) Morning Session 2 (35 mins + 10 mins break) Morning Session 3 (15 mins) Afternoon Session 1 (40 mins) Afternoon Session 2 (35 mins) Afternoon Session 3 (15 mins)
1: Jun-06 to Jun-17 Yoga Sanskrit Songs Ashtakam Games from Bharat – Saripat, Chess Boards, Snake and Ladder, Ludo & Chausar Art Camp – Folk Art Lippan Bhajan or Regional Geet
2: Jun-20 to Jul-01 Yoga Sanskrit PlayPanchakamViranganas from Bharat (Play) Creative Story Writing Arti – Om Jai Jagadish Hare
3: Jul-05 to Jul-15 Yoga Literature intro Ashtakam Story Telling (Noble Characteristics)Cooking Bhajan or Regional Geet
4: Jul-18 to Jul-29 Yoga Hindu CalendarAshtakam Temples outside of Bharat Anime creation Bhajan or Regional Geet
5: Aug-01 to Aug-12 Yoga SubhashitamPanchakamAstronomy & Festivals Puppet and Diorama Making Bhajan or Regional Geet
6: Aug-15 to Aug-26 Yoga Sambhashnam Skit Ashtakam My Bharat my Pride – Folk Dances Bhajan or Regional Geet


You can register for 6 camps of 2 weeks each.
  • Camp-1: Jun-06 to Jun-17
  • Camp-2: Jun-20 to Jul-01
  • Camp-3: Jul-05 to Jul-15
  • Camp-4: Jul-18 to Jul-29
  • Camp-5: Aug-01 to Aug-12
  • Camp-6: Aug-15 to Aug-26
Our programs are designed to deliver academic excellence within the enriching environment of Dharmic values. Our intent is to inculcate Dharmic values in children so that they grow up rooted and proud of their rich cultural heritage.
There is a 10% sibling discount.
There is early bird registration (when registration fees are waived) until May 29, 2021. After that, registration fee will be $35.
Yes, there are in-person summer camps in three locations: San Antonio (TX), Charlotte (NC), and Fremont (CA). Details will be coming soon.
  • Small classroom size
  • Certified teachers
  • Minimal screen time: 1.5 hours morning OR afternoon (for Preschool)
  • Screen breaks with eye exercises designed by certified yoga therapists!
  • Daily Yoga in curriculum, helps with sound body & mind, inculcating healthy habits for life
  • Aum syllabus is tailored to build self esteem and pride in our roots Dharmic Vedic culture
Summer Camp, Dharma & Heritage, Creative Story Writing, Art Song & Literature, Yoga Bhajan Slokas Sanskrit

Our approach

Our Vision
To become a world class institution in school-age education rooted in Sanatana Dharma.
Our Mission
We accomplish this vision by
  • Developing Curiculum
  • Establishing schools
  • Training teachers
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