Virtual School

Spring 2023 Semester starting from 17th Jan 2023 to 16th Jun 2023
  • Dharma & Heritage is mandatory (covers Bhajans/Music, Culture & Stories with moral values).
  • Please select at least one subject from Sanskrit and Yoga.
  • May select any or all subjects from VM, Hindi, and Marathi.



Grade Subjects Electives No Sibling Discount With Sibling Discount*
Recurring Monthly Spring Semester Recurring Monthly Spring Semester
Kinder to Grade-5 Dharma & Heritage + Sanskrit + Yoga $111.00 $527.00 $100.00 $474.00
Kinder to Grade-5 Dharma & Heritage + Sanskrit + Yoga 1 $161.00 $765.00 $145.00 $688.00
Kinder to Grade-5 Dharma & Heritage + Sanskrit + Yoga 2 $186.00 $884.00 $167.00 $795.00
Kinder to Grade-5 Dharma & Heritage + Yoga $71.00 $337.00 $64.00 $304.00
Kinder to Grade-5 >Dharma & Heritage + Yoga 1 $121.00 $575.00 $109.00 $517.00
Kinder to Grade-5 >Dharma & Heritage + Yoga 2 $146.00 $694.00 $131.00 $624.00
Kinder to Grade-5 Dharma & Heritage + Sanskrit $81.00 $385.00 $73.00 $346.00
Kinder to Grade-5 Dharma & Heritage + Sanskrit 1 $131.00 $622.00 $118.00 $560.00
Kinder to Grade-5 Dharma & Heritage + Sanskrit 2 $156.00 $741.00 $140.00 $667.00
* Siblings must be from same family and must register to any grade/class to get 10% discount Dharma & Heritage classes will be on Mon, Wed & Fri. Sanskrit classes will be on Tue & Thu. Yoga classes will be Mon to Fri (all 5 days).

Class timings

Class Eastern Central Mountain* Pacific
K-1 05:00pm-06:00pm 04:00pm-05:00pm 03:00pm-04:00pm 02:00pm-03:00pm
2-4 06:00pm-07:00pm 05:00pm-06:00pm 04:00pm-05:00pm 03:00pm-04:00pm
Electives 07:00pm-08:00pm 06:00pm-07:00pm 05:00pm-06:00pm 04:00pm-05:00pm
* Arizona should follow Pacific times during the Daylight Saving period.


Our programs are designed to deliver academic excellence within the enriching environment of Dharmic values. Our intent is to inculcate Dharmic values in children so that they grow up rooted and proud of their rich cultural heritage. Therefore, for our Preschool Program, we have created an integrated curriculum covering academics along with yoga, dharma and heritage. Our Afterschool Program is an enrichment program in the areas of yoga, Sanskrit, dharma and heritage, with options to learn Vedic Math and regional languages.
Our virtual program serves students from grades Preschool through 5th grade. We have two options for enrollment
  • Virtual Preschool Program: Enroll in a 1.5 hours morning or evening session.
  • Virtual Afterschool Enrichment Program: 1 hour core subjects ( yoga, sanskrit, Dharma & Heritage)  + 45 min elective (optional)
  • Small classroom size
  • Certified teachers
  • Minimal screen time: 1.5 hours morning OR afternoon (for Preschool)
  • Weekly at-home activity packets* (for Preschool)
  • Screen breaks with eye exercises designed by certified yoga therapists!
  • Daily Yoga in curriculum, helps with sound body & mind, inculcating healthy habits for life
  • Aum syllabus is tailored to build self esteem and pride in our roots Dharmic Vedic culture
Our academic – year-long integrated program is a great opportunity to enroll your preschooler age  3 – 5 from the comfort of your home as a substitute for in-person learning for preschool aged children. We have both Preschool & Pre-K groups to cater to different age groups. Program covers:
  • Academics
  • Yoga
  • Dharma and Heritage (Shlokas, Bhajans, Culture and Katha with moral values)
The focus of our activities is to develop motor, cognitive, linguistic skills and promote the emotional & social development of children.
Our Preschool and Pre-K programs are integrated programs based on standard preschool curriculum followed across the country along with Yoga, Dharma and Heritage. Focus areas:
  • STEAM-based curriculum: theme-based STEAM learning sessions to enable students to be kindergarten-ready
  • Cognitive development: enhance fine & gross motor skills through sensory activities
  • Emotional & social development: learning to express through arts & crafts and hands-on interactive activities
Our program includes instruction in the following:
  • Reinforcement of Cognitive Skills
  • Reading Readiness; Verbal/Language Development and Milestones
  • Math Concepts; Science and Geography
  • Positive Self-Concept Activities
  • Social Studies; Dramatic Activities; Creative Arts; Song and Games
  • Practical Life Activities; Social Awareness Activities
The goal is to limit the on-screen time for children keeping their health in mind, so we have limited the virtual class to 1.5 hours . However, we will provide activities to be done offline so that students’ learning is enhanced and they are engaged throughout the day.
No, a 5 year old and 3 year old will not attend the same class.  We have separate classes for 2 age groups:
  • Preschool: if your child will enter Kindergarten in Fall 2024
  • Pre-K: if your child will enter Kindergarten in Fall 2023
Our afterschool program is an enrichment program for K-5 students. It has 2 components:
  • Core subjects: This covers Yoga, Sanskrit, Dharma & Heritage (Shlokas, Bhajans, Culture & Katha with moral values)
  • Electives: Optional; students can choose from Vedic Ganit and Languages (Hindi, Marathi)
  • K to Grade1: Students can choose one elective from Hindi or Marathi
  • Grade 2 to 5: Students can choose maximum 2 electives from Vedic Math and one Language (Hindi or Marathi)
In the Afterschool Program, students will be introduced to concepts through new themes, which have not been covered in summer camps. In subjects like yoga, the focus will be to introduce basics to new students, to reinforce postures & pranayama learned earlier, and to bring greater awareness and inner development through the practice of postures. In subjects like Vedic Math and Sanskrit, students will get the opportunity to revise certain concepts, and learn new material. Dharma & Heritage will focus on new themes, stories, bhajans, and shlokas from our rich and vast culture.

Our approach

Our Vision
To become a world class institution in school-age education rooted in Sanatana Dharma.
Our Mission
We accomplish this vision by
  • Developing Curiculum
  • Establishing schools
  • Training teachers
Our In-Person Schools