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Ten steps to Hindu home

Ten steps to Hindu home

Compared to our peers in traditionally Hindu countries, we, as Hindu-American parents, face unique challenges raising children with Dhārmika values. For example, while parents there benefit from public celebrations of Hindu festivals, here, we largely experience an environment without conspicuous Hindu observances. Likewise, while parents there have extended family networks that reinforce Hindu practices and traditions, here we live as nuclear families, often with a limited Hindu community. Given these circumstances, to ensure that our children are exposed to Hindu living, we should take affirmative measures to ensure a Hindu setting within our homes.

So, what can we do to establish a Hindu atmosphere for our children? Here are ten steps to creating a Hindu home—

Saṁskāra. Rites of passage. Hindu tradition has developed rituals for different stages of a person’s life. A newborn child might undergo the nāmakāraṇa saṁskāra or naming ceremony, and an infant the annaprāśaṇa saṁskāra for the first feeding of grain. As the child ages, other ceremonies, such as the vidyārambha saṁskāra, or the commencement of learning when the child starts school, continue to create a Hindu atmosphere in the home.

Following these steps, a Hindu-American family can bring the Hindu experience home to their children daily. Instead of making Hindu practices and traditions a weekend affair, we should fill in the gaps and make daily Hindu living in all aspects a regular part of our lives.


Amit Mishra

Member of the Board of Directors, Aum Education Society of America.

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