AUM School

A mainstream education system with Dharmic values

A mainstream education system with Dharmic values

Q: What is Aum School?

Aum School was founded with the objective of operating a former educational institution that seamlessly integrates Hindu Values into an academic curriculum. Despite functioning as a formal educational establishment, we operate as a non-profit organization.

Q: How does Aum School work to instill an appreciation of dharmic values in children?

In Bharat, the upbringing of a child is supported by extended families and communities, embodying the proverbial "It takes a village to raise a child." Conversely, in the USA, parents must intentionally cultivate this village. Aum School serves as such a village, where children absorb sanskaras and dharmic values through our curriculum and activities.

Q: How does the Aum School curriculum help children develop an understanding and practical application of dharma in their life in America?

Our core courses at Aum School encompass Yoga, Sanskrit, and Dharma and Heritage. Additionally, we offer electives such as Marathi, Hindi, and Vedic Mathematics. Our language curriculum is designed to immerse children in the rich literary traditions of local and regional languages. Through learning these core and elective subjects, children discover profound meaning in their Hindu identity.

Q: Can you elaborate more on Aum School curriculum?

The Aum School curriculum stands out for its uniqueness in integrating social, physical, cognitive skills, and academics with an embedded Hindu Values-based approach, even for preschool and prekindergarten students. For instance, while learning about the letter "A" for apple, they will also learn about "A" for Aum. As for KG to Grade 5 students, our curriculum includes Yoga (both theory and practice), Dharma and Heritage studies, as well as Sanskrit (both written and spoken), alongside other mentioned electives.

Q: How does Aum School connect the stories of gods and goddesses to the bigger principles of dharma?

The rich heritage and legacy of Hindu culture are deeply intertwined with a wealth of stories. At Aum School, we integrate tales of our deities, epics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata, and the Panchatantra to emphasize the significance of moral values. Central to Hindu beliefs are universal principles such as "vasudhaiva kutumbakam" (the world is one family), "sewa parmo dharma" (service is the highest duty), recognizing divinity in all, and respecting all living beings. Through a plethora of stories, we impart these principles to our students, fostering a deep understanding and appreciation of their significance.

Q: U.S. schools teach, starting at the kindergarten level, human values such as liberty, justice, equality, and empathy. Does Aum School teach these concepts?

At Aum School, we have meticulously crafted a structured syllabus that places a strong emphasis on instilling essential human values. We employ various engaging methods such as discussions, storytelling, hands-on activities, and enactments to impart these principles effectively. Through these interactive approaches, we ensure that our students not only understand but also internalize the importance of these values in their lives.

Q: What was the inspiration behind starting this school?

In the United States, there are numerous faith-based schools, yet Hindu schools are relatively rare. Among those that do exist, many are primarily Sunday schools focused on imparting Hindu culture and values. Recognizing this gap, Aum School identified the need for a mainstream educational institution capable of delivering academic excellence while seamlessly integrating dharmic values into the curriculum. By addressing this need, Aum School aims to provide a holistic educational experience that nurtures both the minds and souls of its students.

Q: Is Aum School only a virtual School?

Amidst the pandemic, Aum Academic Schools and Summer Camps successfully transitioned to virtual platforms, attracting registrations from 700 students to date. As circumstances improved post-pandemic, we resumed in-person schooling and expanded our offerings to include after-school programs. Proudly, our inaugural school opened in San Antonio, with plans for two additional schools to commence operations in the fall semester of 2023. This expansion underscores our commitment to providing quality education while adapting to evolving circumstances.


Manisha Kand

Manisha Kand

College Admission Consultant, Aum School Director

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